Evid Based Med 18:e11 doi:10.1136/eb-2012-100847
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Mild biliary pancreatitis: interval (delayed) cholecystectomy is associated with readmission for recurrent biliary events

  1. Vincenzo Neri
  1. Correspondence to Professor Vincenzo Neri
    Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences, University of Foggia, Viale Pinto, 1 Foggia, Foggia 71121, Italy; v.neri{at}

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Acute pancreatitis (AP) is the object of wide debate in terms of its aetiology and association with chronic pancreatitis. Numerous classifications have been formulated and the variability in acute biliary pancreatitis (ABP) presentation and severity adds complexity to efforts to study it. There are unanswered questions about diagnosis, presurgical treatment and timing of cholecystectomy. And ABP is not uncommon—there are 50 new cases per million people per year in Italy, and more than 220 000 patients …