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The following articles are abstracted in the September/October 2002 issue of ACP Journal Club. The declarative title of each abstract as published in ACP Journal Club precedes the article citation.


Isotonic hydration reduced contrast media associated nephropathy in elective or emergency coronary angioplasty

Planned angiography after percutaneous coronary intervention increased reinterventions but did not affect mortality or MI

Primary percutaneous coronary intervention was more effective than thrombolytic therapy for acute MI

Mild hypothermia improved neurologic outcome and reduced mortality after cardiac arrest because of ventricular arrhythmia

Review: Noninvasive ventilation reduces mortality in acute respiratory failure

Review: Albumin increases mortality in critically ill patients

Review: Intensive insulin pump therapy slightly improves glycemic control in type 1 diabetes

Review: Interferon α-2b is effective for biochemical and virologic outcomes in acute hepatitis C virus infection

Review: Pygeum africanum extracts improve symptoms and urodynamics in symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia

Review: Selegiline improves symptoms and levodopa is better than pramipexole for motor function in untreated Parkinson disease

Review: Proton pump inhibitors alleviate symptoms of functional (nonulcer) dyspepsia but may not be better than H2-antagonists


Patients who survived the first 30 days after a first episode of status epilepticus had increased mortality at 10 years

Quality Improvement

Review: In hospital care pathways for acute stroke do not improve clinical outcomes but do lower quality of life

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