Evidence-Based Medicine - Would you rather read 50,000 articles or 120?

An enormous amount of work goes on behind the scenes to make sure that Evidence-Based Medicine provides you with all the information you need. We scan 100 journals and around 50,000 articles a year so that we can identify the most important and valid 140 research articles and publish them in Evidence-Based Medicine. This means that if you read Evidence-Based Medicine, you'll get all the important research material you need in just 6 volumes that are published throughout the year, saving you all important time to concentrate on other things. To further emphasise the point, a study* found that you'd have to read 227 articles in the Lancet or 118 articles in the New England Journal of Medicine to get the relevant information that would be contained in 1 Evidence-Based Medicine article. Lastly, EBM publishes articles covering numerous EBM topics, like how to teach and practice EBM, as well as methodological issues and EBM-relevant editorials.

What's more, Evidence-Based Medicine includes 'Other articles noted' which includes mentions of high quality articles that were not abstracted but are still recommended reading. This means that you have a ready made list of extra reading for you to use. And all the articles are rated for clinical relevance and newsworthiness so you'll be able to quickly and clearly see how relevant the article will be to you, again, saving you time. So for time-saving, distilled research information; make sure you subscribe to Evidence-Based Medicine. Unless you'd rather do a lot more reading...

See the Evidence-Based Medicine 2013 statistics for the screening and selection results here.

*'What do evidence-based secondary journals tell us about the publication of clinically important articles in primary healthcare journals?'; Kathleen Ann McKibbon, Nancy L Wilczynski and Robert Brian Haynes, Sept 2004. Available at BioMed Central. [Open access]

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