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We've decided to place copies of talks about evidence-based medicine on EBM Online. These are talks or resources related to the Evidence-Based Medicine journal or to evidence-based medicine more generally.

You can access the talks in their original formats, Microsoft PowerPoint or HTML. We have kept pictures to a minimum to avoid bulky files and copyright problems. Readers should feel free to use any of the slides themselves.

If you have a talk or resource you would be interested in donating, please email editorial.ebm{at}





Clueless, Dateless, Loveless: The New York Times' coverage of the science behind online dating is now here in a friendly book.

Sameer Chaudhry, Khalid Khan


10 Feb 2016

EBM Rater: a simple, easy-to-use tool for students and clinicians to critically appraise a variety of clinical studies and perform common EBM calculations

EBM Rater Team

Android App

22 Sep 2014

EBHC Conference 2013: Statistics for the terrified

Amanda Burls


17 Dec 2013

CEBM Resources: a list of Powerpoint presentations used in workshops at the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine



18 Sep 2012

Dr Amanda Burls with Thinkwell:  Direct to consumer genetic testing for celiac disease is used to teach Sensitivity/ Specificty, Numbers needed to treat 

Dr. Carlos Cuello  ROC Curve video



17 Sep 2012

"EBM teaching the teachers" course

The course is described and evaluated in:

Tobias Weberschock

Online module

17 Aug 2012

Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine

William Cayley MD MDiv


02 May 2012

Grading Evidence in Medicine

William Cayley MD MDiv


02 May 2012

Applying trials and systematic reviews to individual patients

Paul Glasziou


19th Feb 2004

EB Clinical Decisions: what do patients want Vienna 2004

Brian Haynes


29th May 2004

The Growing Prominence of Cochrane Systematic Reviews in
Evidence-Based Resources

Cindy Walker-Dilks, Brian Haynes


18th Oct 2004

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