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  1. Paul Glasziou, MBBS, PhD
  1. University of Oxford
 Oxford, UK

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    Much as I love sitting down with a paper copy of the EBM journal, the online version has functions that paper can never copy. Linkage to full text articles is one example. The abstracts give not only an excellent summary and commentary, but also 1-click access to the full original text (if you want some more details), and to the references in the commentary. Similarly, Richard Lehman’s "Evidently..." column provides links to the full text of the articles he discusses. The articles in Evidently are selected from the most relevant articles that don’t quite make the list for full abstraction. As you can see, there are certainly some gems among these. For this issue, there were around 90 articles that were "b-listed" for possible inclusion in Evidently. And those came from the larger pool of several hundred articles from 100+ journals that passed our basic validity criteria (see the “Purpose and Procedure” for these criteria). But sadly, only around 5% of current research articles pass these basic criteria. Of course, that’s the advantage of reading the EBM journal: its 2 stage filter by quality then relevance means you only see the carefully selected gems from the world’s major journals.

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