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11th UK Workshop in Teaching Evidence-Based Practice.
  1. Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Oxford University, Oxford, UK

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    The annual workshop at the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM) in Oxford is designed to explore and practice different ways of teaching evidence-based practice. After 11 years of workshops the CEBM, through generous donations, was this year able to offer bursaries to several individuals from developing countries. Competition was fierce for places with 36 applicants for 7 places. This year’s bursaries enabled folk to attend from Africa, Asia, and Uzebekistan. The latter was a GP trainer who established an Evidence-Based Centre in Uzbekistan in 2004, the goal of which is to promote EBM throughout the country and to aid implementation of research findings in practice. If you are interested in a place for next year, please check the CEBM website ( in January.

    The format of the workshop remains similar to the one David Sackett instigated at the 1st UK Workshop in Oxford. Over the years, the workshop has been refined in response to participant feedback. The workshop is mostly small group work, plus a daily plenary session, and is used to discuss general issues in planning, executing, and evaluating, as well as demonstrating large group strategies for teaching EBM. For the past 2 years each small group has had its own librarian facilitator for the week, which participants greatly value.

    The 2 main themes of the workshop are teaching and personal development. Teaching is addressed through learning and trying out different educational models for teaching evidence-based practice and discussion of the strategies, techniques, and approaches that teachers can use to facilitate learning, as well as issues of curriculum design, development, and maintenance. Personal Development is addressed by offering guidance and help in extending participants’ existing critical appraisal and teaching skills.

    The CEBM is pleased to announce an agreement with CASP International Network to bring together the CEBM workshop and the CASP International Train the Trainer Week next year on 11–15th September 2006 at St Hugh’s College (see

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