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The following articles are abstracted in the November/December 2005 issue of ACP Journal Club. The declarative title of each abstract as published in ACP Journal Club precedes the article citation.


▸ Endovascular and open repair did not differ for mortality rates at 2 years in abdominal aortic aneurysm

▸ Review: Both aerobic and home-based quadriceps strengthening exercises reduce pain and disability in knee osteoarthritis

▸ Daily corticosteroids were not better than as-needed corticosteroids in mild persistent asthma

▸ Review: Invasive management after unstable angina or non-ST-segment elevation MI does not reduce risk for death or MI

▸ Review: Routine invasive management after unstable angina or non-ST-segment elevation MI reduces risk for death or MI

▸ Review: Clinical evidence and consensus support the recommendation of 15 interventions in hip osteoarthritis

▸ Review: Early tracheostomy is not better than late tracheostomy for reducing all-cause mortality in critically ill patients

▸ An immediate antiepileptic drug regimen reduced short-term (2 y) recurrence of seizures more than a deferred regimen

▸ Review: 700 to 800 IU/d of vitamin D reduces hip and nonvertebral fractures in older persons

▸ Calcium and vitamin D supplementation did not reduce fractures in women ⩾ 70 years of age

▸ Vitamin D3, calcium, or both did not prevent secondary fractures in elderly people


▸ Review: Paired quantitative blood cultures most accurately detect intravascular device-related bloodstream infection

▸ Review: Computed tomographic colonography has high specificity but low-to-moderate sensitivity for detecting colorectal polyps


▸ Administrative data feedback failed to improve quality of care in acute myocardial infarction


▸ Simvastatin was cost-effective for reducing major vascular events in vascular disease or diabetes mellitus