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Lang TA, Secic M. How to report statistics in medicine. Philadelphia: American College of Physicians, 2006. This book can be obtained from for £33.20.
  1. John E Cornell, PhD,
  2. Valerie A Lawrence, MD, MSc
  1. South Texas Veterans Health Care System and University of Texas Health
 Science Center at San Antonio
 San Antonio, Texas, USA

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    An experienced biostatistician and a clinical investigator read this book, wrote this review together, and think the book is GREAT. In a nutshell, the first edition was excellent, and the second edition is even better. The second edition is a major reworking and expansion of the first, which was itself an excellent resource guide to best practices in statistical reporting in the medical literature. The second edition’s authors have successfully built on the foundation of the first edition in multiple ways. For statistician writers, the book offers clear guidelines. For clinical investigators reporting research results, the book offers, in addition to guidelines, a refresher course about biostatistical concepts and methods plus easy to read material for areas that may be unfamiliar. For the most part, the authors assume that clinical investigator readers are somewhat familiar with statistical concepts and summarise these succinctly and cogently throughout. The authors have further expanded the material regarding how statistical methods and results ought to be reported so as to incorporate them into manuscripts and research thinking most meaningfully.

    As a start, the discussion of “Differences between clinical …

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