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The 4 item Fracture and Mortality Index predicted hip fracture and all cause mortality in elderly women

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 Q Can a 4 item risk model predict hip fracture and all cause mortality in elderly women?

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Embedded ImageDesign:

prospective cohort study to develop and validate two 4 item risk models based on 5 predefined clinical risk factors for hip fracture.

Embedded ImageSetting:

3 rural primary healthcare districts in Vislanda, Tingsryd, and Emmaboda, Sweden.

Embedded ImageParticipants:

1248 women >70 years of age (mean age 79 y) from the National Swedish Population Register. 10% women lived in residential care.

Embedded ImageDescription of prediction guide:

2 risk models were tested for prediction of hip fracture and mortality. The Fracture and Mortality (FRAMO) Index (range 0–4) was a summation of 4 predefined clinical risk factors (1 point for each): (1) age ⩾80 years, (2) weight < 60 kg, (3) previous fragility fracture (lower or upper arm, hip, or vertebrae after 40 y of age), and …

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  • Sources of funding: R and D Centre, Kronoberg County Council.