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Life after the EBM workshop
  1. Dan Hughes, MD, FRCPC
  1. IWK Health Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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    The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine in Oxford offers workshops on practising and teaching evidence-based medicine (EBM). Having attended 2 of these and co-tutored in a third, I thought I would offer some advice to attendees as they return to their home bases.

    As anyone who has attended such workshops knows, it is wonderful to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who also wish to advance their knowledge and expertise in the various facets of EBM such as framing questions, searching the literature, critical appraisal, etc. The organisers and tutors are always enthusiastic, supportive, and helpful for the EBM neophytes. And who could argue with the venues at Oxford Colleges and English pubs? There is an appropriate mixture of plenary and small group sessions, and time, unfortunately, passes much too quickly

    The long trip home may be the first opportunity to reflect on what one is going to do with the newly learned knowledge or skills. It would be wise to jot down some notes before too much time passes, while the ideas are fresh and before one gets distracted by the daily tasks, particularly those put on hold during the workshop. For the workshop to have been truly successful, some change has to occur, and listing some of the possibilities is a suggested first step.

    Be prepared for the possibility of some letdown. Whether you are …

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