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Cleaning of the perineal/genital area before urine collection from toilet-trained children prevented sample contamination

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In toilet-trained children collecting a midstream urine sample, does cleaning of the perineal/genital area before collection prevent sample contamination?

Vaillancourt S, McGillivray D, Zhang X, et al. To clean or not to clean: effect on contamination rates in midstream urine collections in toilet-trained children. Pediatrics 2007;119:e1288–93.

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Embedded ImageDesign:

cluster randomised (by week) controlled trial.

Embedded ImageAllocation:

not concealed.*

Embedded ImageBlinding:

blinded (microbiologists).*

Embedded ImageFollow-up period:

48 hours.

Embedded ImageSetting:

emergency department of a tertiary care paediatric centre.

Embedded ImagePatients:

toilet trained children 2–18 years of age (45% 2–5 y, 37% 6–12 y, and 18% 13–18 y; 60% girls) who had a midstream urine sample requested for any medical reason. Children with developmental delay were excluded.

Embedded ImageIntervention:

cleaning of the perineal/genital area twice, using liquid soap and gauze pads (n = 179), or no cleaning (n = 171) before collecting a midstream urine sample in a sterile container. For cleaning, children were …

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