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Review: some screening tests for dementia in older people are accurate and practical for use in primary care

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How accurate are screening tests for dementia in older people when used in primary care?

Holsinger T, Deveau J, Boustani M, et al. Does this patient have dementia? JAMA 2007;297:2391–404.

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Embedded ImageData sources:

Medline and PsycINFO (2000 to April 2006). Earlier studies were covered by a previously published review.*

Embedded ImageStudy selection and assessment:

English-language studies that evaluated screening tests for dementia, suitable for use by generalist physicians, in people >60 years of age without clinically obvious dementia. Included studies were required to use an acceptable criterion standard to diagnose dementia. Studies in patients in institutions or memory clinics or with <6 years of education and those …

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