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Albumin:creatinine ratio using an automated analyser was accurate for diagnosing proteinuria in pregnancy

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P M Kyle

Professor P M Kyle, University of Otago, Christchurch, New Zealand;


In high-risk pregnant women, how accurate for diagnosing proteinuria are albumin:creatinine ratio (A/Cr) tested on-site using an automated analyser, protein:creatinine ratio (P/Cr) tested in the laboratory, and automated dipstick analysis used on-site compared with 24-hour urine collection?



prospective cohort study.


high-risk antenatal clinic in a university hospital in New Zealand.


140 pregnant women (10 women were included twice) at >20 gestational weeks (median 34 wk). The women provided a midstream urine specimen for automated dipstick analysis; those with a ⩾1+ result for new-onset proteinuria were invited to participate (n = 100), along with a selection of women with a negative or trace proteinuria result (n = 50). Women with culture-positive urinary tract …

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  • Source of funding: Canterbury District Health Board.