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Colin Melville, MBChB, MMedEd

Keele University;

Keele, UK

Gøtzsche PC. Rational diagnosis and treatment: evidence-based clinical decision-making. Fourth edition. Chichester: J Wiley and Sons, 2007.

Rational diagnosis and treatment: evidence-based clinical decision-making (fourth edition) is available at for £42.00.

The book covers the application of scientific thinking to clinical medicine. Its origins pre-date “evidence-based medicine” as formalised by Sackett et al, and historical and philosophical links are made to the origins of scientific thinking and the Age of Enlightenment.

The structure of the book follows the traditional clinical encounter, from history-taking and clinical examination to establishing a diagnosis and using clinical investigations to the rational use of therapies and the individualisation of treatment.

Throughout the book, emphasis is on the precise use of terminology, including the derivation of new terms where …

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