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Bruce Morland, MBChB, MRCP, DM, FRCPCH

Birmingham Children’s Hospital;

Birmingham, UK

Pinkerton R, Shankar AG, Matthay K, editors. Evidence-based pediatric oncology. 2nd edition. London: BMJ Books, 2007.

Evidence-based pediatric oncology can be obtained from for £121.99.

Evidence-based pediatric oncology attempts to summarise the results of available randomised controlled trials (RCTs) in paediatric oncology. The paucity of data from RCTs in this population is highlighted throughout. The inability to undertake meta-analyses of data is frustrating since many published studies are simple single-arm studies of perceived “best practice” with no comparator, and hence the strength of the evidence base is limited. Despite these limitations, the book attempts to collate the best of the available randomised evidence. The target audience …

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