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The purpose and procedure section in each issue of Evidence-Based Medicine describes the criteria for selecting articles for inclusion. The journals read are listed at All articles that meet our criteria in the reviewed journals are cited in Evidence-Based Medicine, but there is not enough space to abstract them all. The following articles passed all criteria but were not abstracted. Practising clinicians rated them for clinical relevance and newsworthiness, and the mean scores are displayed. A fuller list of articles and a sample of the rating form are available on the Evidence-Based Medicine web site (


Beaver K, Tysver-Robinson D, Campbell M, et al. Comparing hospital and telephone follow-up after treatment for breast cancer: randomised equivalence trial. BMJ 2009;338:a3147. Oncology/Breast 6/7

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Bodden DH, Bogels SM, Nauta MH, et al. Child versus family cognitive-behavioral therapy in clinically anxious youth: an efficacy and partial effectiveness study. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry 2008;47:1384–94. Psychiatry 7/7; GP/FP/Mental health 6/7; Paediatrics 5/7

Bonello L, Camoin-Jau L, Armero S, et al. Tailored clopidogrel loading dose according to platelet reactivity monitoring to prevent acute and subacute stent thrombosis. Am J Cardiol 2009;103:5–10. Cardiology 6/7

Collaris R, Tan PC. Oral nifepidine versus subcutaneous terbutaline tocolysis for external cephalic version: a double-blind randomised trial. BJOG 2009;116:74–80. Obstetrics 6/7

Doan QH, Kissoon N, Dobson S, et al. A randomized, controlled trial of the impact of early and rapid diagnosis of viral infections in children brought to …

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