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Susanna C Almond, BMBCh, MA, MSc

University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

Williams H, Bigby M, Diepgen T, et al. Evidence-based dermatology. 2nd edition. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, 2008.

This book can be obtained from for £170.99.

The 2nd edition of Evidence-Based dermatology is an excellent comprehensive book that aims to help clinicians integrate the best up-to-date clinical evidence in dermatology. It is essential reading for dermatology trainees, dermatology consultants, and general practitioners (GPs) with an interest in dermatology, and will be of interest to general physicians and keen medical students alike. In the 2nd edition, the authors update and refine the original text, adding chapters on what makes a good case series, herpes simplex, infantile haemangiomas, melanocytic naevi, and cellulitis. Further, the book comes with a companion update …

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