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74 Which medicines do we need? development of an outcomes-based approach to essential medicines lists
  1. Nav Persaud,
  2. Jeffrey Aronson,
  3. Carl Heneghan


Objectives To develop an approach to creating and updating essential medicines lists based on information about how effectively each medicine is known to achieve desired outcomes (e.g. preventing strokes). This could help the 134 countries with essential medicines lists choose medicines most important for their 5.8 billion residents.

Methods We will seek input on the best ways to inform countries that have essential medicines lists about the importance of each medicine.

Results The current plan is to conduct a consensus process to determine which information about each medicine is most important. Then the literature will be systematically reviewed to determine which medicines are most effective and achieving desired outcomes. Network meta-analyses may be employed. The information about each medicine will be provided in a searchable online database and presented to interested countries.

Conclusions An outcomes-based approach to essential medicines lists has the potential to promote access to medicines that achieve desired outcomes.

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