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10 The application of EBM club in standardised resident training in china
  1. Wei Wang,
  2. Guowei Shi
  1. The Fifth People’s Hospital of Shanghai, Center for Evidence-based Medicine, Fudan University, Shanghai, China


Objectives The standardised resident training program in China focuses on training of clinical skills now. However, training of evidence-based practice is becoming more and more important for residents. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of EBM Club on EBM teaching to residents.

Method The EBM Club was established among the residents who were enrolled in the standardised resident training program in our department. Clinical scenarios were described according to real cases in practice and clinical questions were raised. Corresponding literatures were given to the residents for review and critical appraisal. Answers to the following questions were discussed among EBM club members. Were the results valid? What were the results? Could the results be applied to our patient? Feedbacks were provided by the teachers who lead the club. The effect of EBM Club on EBM teaching was evaluated by both the supervising board of the EBM centre and survey among the participant residents.

Results It was shown that the EBM Club could help the residents understand concepts of evidence-based medicine, grasp steps of evidence based practice, master methodology of critical appraisal, and improve the ability to do clinical research. EBM Club was considered as a practical, student-centred and time-fitting approach to teaching EBM among residents.

Conclusions EBM Club is an effective approach to EBM training in residents. It enriches contemporary standardised resident training in China.

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