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14 Evidence based medicine: myth of incorporation of novel ideas in common practice
  1. Archana Raysee1,2,
  2. Muhammad Junaid Saleem1
  1. 1Medway Maritime Hospital, Kent, UK
  2. 2University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK


Objectives EBM is the best method to practice medicine. But does this quote a scenario of a perfect world as the only way it can be guaranteed is theoretically. As argued sometimes that day to day practice based on clinical expertise and experience may bring results not so different from the evidence proven methods.

Also, it is apparent that the gap in generating evidence and practicing medicine is getting wider to cover, as most of the efforts are put into trials to establish superiority of one method over another rather than improving quality of care by striving to incorporate it in daily practice.1

The main objectives are to assess the obstacles in the process of incorporation of EBM in day to day practice starting from lack of realisation of right question to challenge old and outdated practice to the development of strong evidence and implementation in order to improve clinical practice.

Method A case base discussion was performed with Trainees and Special Doctors in the field of Urology.

The literature search was performed on Cochrane, Pubmed and Google scholar to identify the role of leadership in EBM and accessibiltiy of under training doctors to understand, comprehend and implement the need of practicing Evidence Based Medicine.

Results The factors that have been found closely related to understand the role of health care personnel in EBM are Importance of realising the incorporation of EBM in day to day practice, The Role of health care personnel in generating relevant evidence, Structure of training of health personnel, Factors hampering the evidence synthesis, Choice of Evidence synthesis, role of clinical expertise and Leaders in Evidence Based medicine.

Conclusions The role models in EBM will require to get trained to be enlightened by the importance of EBM. The aim of bringing the clinicians on a platform to share a common goal of improvement in clinical practice, where they can address issues of obstacles in data acquisition, dissemination and implementation of evidence proven practice, administrative support provision as well as advances in the methods of improved accessibility of EBM.

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