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76 Advocating for less in primary care: PEER guidance
  1. Tina Korownyk1,
  2. Mike Allan2,3,
  3. Michae Kolber1
  1. 1University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
  2. 2Salt Spring Island, Salt Spring Island, Canada
  3. 3College of Family Physicians of Canada, Toronto, Canada


PEER (Patients, Experience, Evidence, Research) is a group of family physicians and other primary care providers, partly support by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and it’s chapters, that provide clinical guidance to primary care free from industry influence. The group creates guidelines, patient decision aids, Tools for Practice (brief evidence-based summaries), presentations, podcasts, and performs original research. Much of the research, programs, tools and education has focused on advocacy for primary care and rational use of resources. This workshop will examine the considerable outreach and impact that PEER has had in primary care in Canada, with a specific focus on efforts to minimize interventions and enhance shared decision making. We will review our first Simplified PEER guideline, target discussions of risk with patients rather than surrogate markers or prescribing medications. We’ll review our decision aids and Simplified Chronic Pain Guideline promoting activity and counselling above pharmaceuticals. We’ll review 12 years of podcasts and Tools for Practice advocating reduction in x-rays, lab testing (like TSH), surrogate targets, ineffective medications and more. We have also written and presented on the opportunity cost of focusing on low yield activities in primary care. PEER is by primary care, for primary care, and through consistent hard-work, has become a recognized voice in Canada for rational, appropriate care promoting patient values.

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