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14 Teachers of Evidence-Based Healthcare learning resources database ‘’ review and development
  1. Loai Albarqouni1,
  2. David Nunan2,
  3. Douglas Badenoch3,
  4. Paul Glasziou1
  1. 1Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare, Gold Coast, Australia
  2. 2Oxford University, Oxford, UK
  3. 3Minervation Ltd, Oxford, UK


Background is a platform for the global sharing of learning resources for teaching and learning Evidence-Based Health Care (EBHC). It launched at the International Society for Evidence-Based Health Care (ISEHC) conference in 2018 and now includes >600 resources and >110 members.

Objectives We aim to deliver a workshop about how to effectively use the Teachers of Evidence-Based Healthcare learning resources database (

The workshop will

  1. review the range of contents and functions of the site,

  2. identify important learning resources and areas of poor coverage, and

  3. discuss the user engagement and sustainability of the

Summary Overview about the (20min) We will provide an overview of the development and current usage of the resources on the Teachers of Evidence-Based Healthcare website. We will also facilitate a discussion about the usability and functionality of the website and illustrate this with some real-life examples of use for EBM teaching. Needed learning resources (45min) In small groups, participants will list the top 5 areas less well covered in and suggest quality learning resources for these areas – grouped into the 5 main EBP steps. Then, lists will be rotated between groups and participants will be asked to suggest additional quality learning resources covering the other groups’ area of need. Engagement and sustainability (25 min) We will facilitate a discussion about.

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