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15 Knowledge translation for evidence-based medicine: use of social media
  1. Yusuf Yilmaz1,2,
  2. Teresa Chan1,3,4
  1. 1McMaster University Faculty of Health Sciences Education Research, Innovation and Theory (MERIT) Program, Hamilton, Canada
  2. 2Ege University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Education, Izmir, Turkey
  3. 3McMaster University Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Medicine, Division of Emergency Medicine, Hamilton, Turkey
  4. 4McMaster University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Program for Faculty Development, Hamilton, Canada


Social Media (SoMe) has impacted every field of health especially with evidence-based medicine. SoMe has made the growth and the spread of scientific knowledge easy, accessible, and fast. While conventional ways of knowledge translation may take months or even years to disseminate, SoMe reduces the time as well as provides credibility for trusted sources. Not only does SoMe support networking and collaboration opportunities among scholars, it also opens up the floor for further discussion and refinement with lightning speed. With these in mind, SoMe can enrich evidence-based medicine from the source of knowledge to the public along with the different perspectives of the experts in the same field. On the other hand, SoMe might become a dangerous place when scholars and SoMe consumers do not pay attention to the pitfalls of this powerful tool. Therefore, it is vital to understand scope, pros and cons, and features and capabilities of SoMe. The aim of this workshop is to introduce and to provide hands-on experience on SoMe to participants within the scope of evidence-based medicine. We will mainly cover Twitter within this workshop, and also describe and mention other social media tools such as Instagram, YouTube etc.

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