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215 Patient and caregiver evaluation of coach McLungssm, an innovative app, facilitating shared decision making for asthma across a large health system
  1. Kelly Reeves1,
  2. Lindsay Shade1,
  3. Thomas Ludden1,
  4. Andrew MC Williams1,
  5. Lyn Nuse1,
  6. Cheryl Courtlandt1,
  7. Andrea Desantis1,
  8. Yhenneko Taylor1,
  9. Jeremy Thomas1,
  10. Charity Patterson2,
  11. Kasey Boehmer3,
  12. Brianna Gutch1,
  13. Nick Stevens1,
  14. Margo Burnard1,
  15. Tekeshia Jones1,
  16. Shaina Glass1,
  17. Kristen Minehart1,
  18. Rachel Fraizer1,
  19. Melanie Hogg1,
  20. Stacy Reynolds1,
  21. Melissa Calvert,
  22. Elizabeth Burton1,
  23. Diane Derkowski1,
  24. Denise Derkowski,
  25. Lindsay Deneault1,
  26. Jeffrey Cleveland1,
  27. Saul Amezquita1,
  28. Caroline Cox4,
  29. Katherine O’Hare1,
  30. Melinda Manning1,
  31. Hazel Tapp1
  1. 1Department of Family Medicine, Atrium Health, Charlotte, NC USA
  2. 2School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA USA
  3. 3Knowledge and Evaluation Research (KER) Unit, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN USA
  4. 4Wellstar Health System, Marietta, GA USA


Introduction Asthma is a prevalent chronic disease that is difficult to manage and is associated with marked disparities in outcomes. Shared Decision Making (SDM), a process by which the patient and provider jointly make a healthcare choice, is associated with improved outcomes for patients. Use of health Information Technology (IT) solutions may increase the adoption of SDM. Coach McLungsSM is an interactive digital coaching experience that engages patients, caregivers, and providers in a tailored conversation about asthma and promotes SDM in creating a plan of care. With funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), we are implementing Coach McLungsSM across 21 primary care practices within Atrium Health, North Carolina, USA. Here we evaluate patients’ and caregivers’ satisfaction, knowledge, and self-efficacy after their Coach McLungsSM experience.

Methods The application includes an optional built-in survey with 3 questions and a free textbox to gather additional feedback on the experience.

Results To date, of 180 families coached, 155 completed the survey (86% response). Overall satisfaction with the application is very favorable with 89% of families finding Coach McLungsSM extremely/very helpful. 94% responded they had a good understanding of how to control asthma and, after interacting with Coach McLungsSM, 94% of families indicated they were better prepared to talk to the doctor. Parents shared ‘I really like how interactive the app is. [It ] has helped me get organized for the visit. It would be great to have a version that is geared towards older teens and adults’ and ‘Coach was very helpful with learning and understanding the different asthma triggers, medicines, and level of asthma control for the child.’

Discussion Interim results indicate that patients and their caregivers are satisfied, informed, and well-prepared to talk with their doctor about their asthma treatment plan after interacting with Coach McLungsSM.

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