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217 Participatory approaches in PHIR: a scoping review
  1. Véronique Regnier,
  2. Inès Sartori
  1. SORISP Network, HYGEE-PRESAGE Institute, University Jean Monnet, St Etienne, France


Population Health Intervention Research (PHIR) requires a partnership between researchers and ’non- research’ partners involved in the joint validation of research evidence. Recent publications are beginning to list participatory research1 and to characterize the effectiveness of co-design approaches in existing research. However, the development and implementation of participatory approaches in PHIR remains empirical, and suffers from a lack of theoretical and strategic support.

One of the ambitions of the SORISP network2 which brings together 5 French teams highly invested and recognized in France in PHIR and very involved in primary cancer prevention, is to support and organize interdisciplinary and participative approaches in PHIR.

A scoping review is carried out to capture the extent of knowledge available on experiences of co- construction and participation in PHIR. Several levels of participation can be identified. These levels correspond to methodological choices that are linked to specific objectives, but also generate specific constraints.

The process reports will provide a better definition of participation practices in the RISP. Measures of participation and the tools used to measure them, the outputs of these participatory processes and the tools used to measure these outputs will also be identified.

The methodology and the results of this scoping review will be presented.

The ’share decision making’ approach provides a framework for reflection, as well as graduation tools used in doctor-patient interaction.3 Their adaptation for use in intervention research situations will also be discussed.


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