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250 Evaluation of a decision aid pamphlet and instagram for women who are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy
  1. Eri Shishido,
  2. Shigeko Horiuchi
  1. St. Luke’s International University, Graduate School of Nursing Science, Tokyo, Japan


Introduction It is difficult to make decisions about pregnancies in young teenagers because schooling makes up a large part of their lives and they experience high levels of conflict during this time (e.g. lack of money, lack of knowledge). Therefore, we developed a pamphlet and information of Instagram using a social network service (SNS) to help with decision-making for women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and examined its surface validity and usefulness.

Methods This study was a descriptive design. Two types of decision aids developed based on a literature review, surface validity (e.g. clarity of content, amount of information, bias in content) and their usefulness were examined in the form of a questionnaire for medical professionals (e.g. obstetricians, midwives, health and physical education teachers, and female university and graduate students). The study was conducted after obtaining approval from the St. Luke’s International University Ethics Review Committee (22-A084).

Results There were 18 participants. For both types of decision-making aids, the participants were generally positive about the ease of reading and understanding the figures and tables, but found that the number of pages and the volume of information were too large. Based on the free-text opinion responses, revisions were made to standardize the wording, make a table of contents, and reduce the word length of the aids. Regarding the use of two types of decision aids, 72.2% of participants indicated that both were necessary.

Discussion For the Instagram version, we increased the number of hashtags to make it easier to reach the information. We also check trends such as the number of followers and ’likes’. Every three years, the decision aids should be reviewed because of changes in society and the accumulation of evidence.

Conclusion Surface validity and usefulness were confirmed and a feasibility study and social outreach are urgently required.

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