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269 Evidence-based implementation of shared decision making in 72 patient decision aids development in Taipei Veterans General Hospital
  1. Yen-Po Tsao,
  2. Hao-Min Cheng,
  3. Teh-Fu Hsu,
  4. Shir-Ling Lin,
  5. Jen-Feng Liang
  1. Division of Evidence Based Medicine, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan


Introduction Evidence-based shared decision making (SDM) could facilitate the healthy literacy delivery as well as to maintain the quality of SDM. In Taipei Veterans General Hospital, the patient decision aids development is qualified by evidence-based center to facilitate the development process.

Methods All 72 newly developed patient decision aids were checked with evidence- based acquisition and appraisal process. Comprehensive literature review shall be performed with updated data within latest 2 years. All the patient decision aids were examined by specialists and patients’ groups to confirm the usefulness and correctness of them.

Results The qualified evidence-based SDMs greatly improve the confidence of users both through the development process (94% positive feedback) and the implementation (92% positive feedback). Through standard developing assistance, the anxiety in developing new patient decision aids decrease from 3.8 points to 2.9 points in a 5-points rating scales.

Discussion Evidence-based implementation of SDM helps to develop qualified patient decision aids, but some limitations shall be noticed. First, the evidence-based experts shall support the process of acquiring reference and extraction of results. Second, the developing process needs at least 3 months. Finally, the support by specialists and patients’ group is mandatory to confirm the user- friendly patient decision aids.

Conclusions Evidence-based SDMs provide better quality as well as confidence in implementation process.

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