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291 We’re all in this together – a qualitative metasynthesis of emergency providers’ and patients’ views on shared decision making
  1. Felix Wehking1,
  2. Stefanie Hemmer1,
  3. Jan-Christoph Lewejohannv1,
  4. Matthias Nuernberger1,
  5. Friedemann Geiger2,
  6. Fueloep Scheibler2
  1. 1Department of Emergency Medicine at University Hospital Jena
  2. 2National Competency Center for Shared Decision Making at University Medical Centre Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel Campus


Introduction Emergency medicine holds unique challenges and opportunities for patient support, especially with respect to shared decision making. As the qualitative framework for emergency patient’ decision support is still primitive, this study longs to illustrate emergency providers’ and patients’ attitudes towards shared decision making to inform future implementation projects.

Methods Following ENTREQ-Guidelines, this study longs to synthesize available qualitative data on emergency medicine providers’ and patients’ views on shared decision making. Feasible studies were identified by searching through a previously conducted and published scoping review about the current state of shared decision making in emergency medicine. Separated into patient and provider side, influencing factors, barriers and facilitators were thematically grouped and further outlined through an interpretivist approach.

Results As the study is currently being conducted, results cannot be stated at this point. Listeners will be provided with an overview of factors, barriers and facilitators emergency providers and patients describe towards shared decision making. This metasynthesis is supposed to aid in future shared decision making implementations in emergency medicine.

Discussion Will be provided during the conference.

Conclusion(s) Will be provided during the conference.

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