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036 The outcome of implementing share decision making to assist traumatic brain injury patients in selecting rehabilitation program
  1. Hui-Ya Chan,
  2. Ying-Ru Li,
  3. Ming-Fang Yin,
  4. Guan-Liang Chen,
  5. Hsiu-Yun Liu
  1. Department of Nursing, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan


Introduction Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) would face how the rehabilitation programs chosen for them after hospital discharge. Patient decision aids (PDA) were adopted to help the decision process during the discharge preparation stage of NTUH. The aim of the study is to evaluate the outcome of shared decision-making (SDM) among the TBI patients.

Methods There are three rehabilitation services for TBI patients in Taiwan. We listed the advantages and disadvantages of each service in PDA. A short questionnaire was reviewed to ensure patients and families understood all the contents. Preparation for Decision Making Scale (PDMS) was measured after patients‘ decision-making. The outcome was calculated from the completed process record, the rate of patient feedback responses, and the score of PDMS.

Results From 20221101 to 20231031, we recruited 20 cases to initiate the SDM process and accumulated 18 completed process records. A total of 14 cases completed the entire process, so the rate of patient feedback is 77.78%. The average PDMS score was 0.78. The result of 10.96 was calculated from the above items, which met the target of NTUH. Besides, the individual scores of PDMS items of this study were similar to the investigation by the Joint Commission of Taiwan.

Discussion The results show the benefit of using a PDA with SDM among TBI patients. Because the situation of SDM is different, some different scores of PDMS among different groups were acceptable.

Conclusion The result of this study indicated that SDM was helpful for TBI patients who need to choose a suitable rehabilitation programme. In the future, it may be worthwhile to make more efforts to provide or adapt PDAs and SDM among those who need to choose the next care programme after hospital discharge.

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