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078 Co-design and cultural governance in developing ‘finding your way’: a culturally adapted shared decision-making resource for aboriginal communities in New South Wales, Australia
  1. David Follent1,
  2. Tara Dimopoulos-Bick1,
  3. Val Middleton1,
  4. Catherine Kostovski1,
  5. Regina Osten1,
  6. Cory Paulson2,
  7. Shazza Taylor3,
  8. Lyndal Trevena4
  1. 1Agency for Clinical Innovation, New South Wales Government, Sydney, Australia
  2. 2Royal Flying Doctors Service, Broken Hill, Australia
  3. 3Health and Training Institute, New South Wales Government, Sydney, Australia
  4. 4Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia


’Finding Your Way’ (FYW) is a culturally tailored shared decision-making (SDM) tool designed specifically for Australia’s Aboriginal communities across New South Wales (NSW). It emerged as a response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and was developed through a collaborative effort involving Aboriginal health workers and community members in NSW. This study examines its reception, usability, and potential as an SDM tool for health and well-being decisions.

Methods The creation of FYW was deeply rooted in a commitment to partnership and Aboriginal leadership. The resource reflects cultural values and preferred learning styles, utilizing the Eight Ways of Aboriginal Learning (8 Ways) pedagogy, which emphasizes non-linear and visual elements. Data collection included user feedback, both positive and negative, and an analysis of web and social media metrics, with adaptations made to account for cultural relevance.

Results Users praised the resource’s visual appeal, simplicity, and interactivity, deeming it culturally appropriate and versatile. However, users also wanted it to cover more health and well-being decisions beyond COVID-19 vaccines.

Discussion The co-design process and FYW governance framework were instrumental in ensuring its acceptance and cultural appropriateness. This inclusive approach ensured alignment with the values and learning preferences of the Indigenous community. The study suggests that ’Finding Your Way’ could have applications beyond its original purpose, highlighting the importance of culturally responsive governance and co-design in healthcare initiatives for Aboriginal populations.

Conclusion FYW is a well-received and culturally appropriate SDM resource for Aboriginal communities across NSW. However, further support is necessary for effective integration into clinical practice, including developing accessible formats, practice guidelines, and comprehensive training. This resource has the potential to enhance healthcare experiences, improve decision-making quality, and yield better outcomes for Aboriginal communities, emphasizing the critical role of co-design and governance in healthcare initiatives tailored to Indigenous populations.

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