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086 The power of partnerships: patient empowerment for shared decision-making: it starts with preparation
  1. Mirjam M Garvelink1,2,
  2. Nicky Klaasen1,
  3. Peter Van Der Schaar3
  1. 1Department of value based improvement, St Antonius hospital, Nieuwegein, the Netherlands
  2. 2IQHealthcare, RadboudUMC, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
  3. 3Department of Gastroenterology, St Antonius hospital, Nieuwegein, the Netherlands


Introduction To justify invested time and costs for patients with pancreas cysts and the hospital, it is important that the decision to start/continue active surveillance is a well thought- through, informed and shared decision. For this, patients need to be prepared for the consultation in which such decisions are made by making them aware of their role in decision- making, and about what matters to them in this decision. Decision coaching can support this. We aimed to assess the effects of decision coaching on prerequisites for Shared Decision Making (SDM) before, during and after consultations with an internist.

Methods An ongoing randomized controlled trial (usual care n=25; versus decision coaching n=25). The primary outcome is ‘perceived efficacy in patient-physician interactions’ (PEPPI). Secondary outcomes are: SDM as perceived by patients and healthcare professionals (iShare; T1 after the consultation), preparation for decision-making (PrepDM) and observed level of SDM (4SDM). Data is collected with questionnaires and audiotaped consultations. We will perform independent t-tests and multiple regression analysis to compare mean and total scores on all instruments between control and intervention groups. Data on the patient, HCP and observer perspective will be triangulated to explain findings.

Results Results are expected by the end of February 2024.

Discussion/Conclusion(s) Conclusions are expected by the end of February 2024. We expect that decision coaching will support patient-physician interaction and SDM processes as perceived by patients and HCPs. The effect of decision coaching on SDM has not been studied before, hence, these findings would add important information to the literature.

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