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010 Driving shared decision making success together: employee involvement in strategic development
  1. Sarah Ditte Andersen1,
  2. Mette Meldgaard1,
  3. Karina Olling1,2,
  4. Karina Dahl Steffensen1,2
  1. 1Center for Shared Decision Making, Lillebaelt Hospital – University hospital of Southern Denmark, Vejle, Denmark
  2. 2Department of Regional Health Research, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark


Introduction This abstract delves into the pivotal role of employee involvement within the Center for Shared Decision Making in the process of developing a new organizational strategy. In a unique initiative, all employees were invited to co-lead the formulation of the organization’s comprehensive 5-year strategy. Engaging employees at the core entails a massive investment in time and resources, but also offers substantial opportunities for growth and innovation when Shared Decision Making (SDM) specialists get to define the course for their area of expertise, enabling a feasible bottom-up strategy.

Methods In the initial phase, employees contributed to the identification of strategic focus areas within the center. In the second phase, groups led by a designated head and comprising team members, including a patient representative, received tailored strategy materials based on a bottom-up approach focusing on position, plan, perspective, projects and preparedness.

Results Phase one identified seven sub-strategies. In phase two, groups developed one-page sub-strategy papers, contributing to the overall strategy (see figure 1).

Discussion Involving employees at the organization’s core demonstrates a strong commitment to the participatory bottom-up approach from which the center works accordingly. The approach promotes ownership during a pivotal period for the organization. SDM specialists played a pivotal role in defining the course for their respective areas of expertise, emphasizing an impactful bottom-up approach.

Conclusion(s) Involving employees as integral parts of the organization fosters a culture of collaboration, bringing management and employees closer to driving SDM success together through their expertise and commitment to a participatory, bottom-up approach.

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