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092 Effectiveness of interventions to increase shared decision making and participation in pediatric healthcare: an evidence gap map (EGM)
  1. Sonja Görs1,
  2. Marielle Wirth1,
  3. Angélique Herrler1,
  4. Juan Franco2,
  5. Freia De Bock1
  1. 1Department of General Pediatrics, Neonatology and Pediatric Cardiology,Medical Faculty and University Hospital Düsseldorf, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany
  2. 2Institute of General Practice, Medical Faculty of the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany


Introduction Participation in making healthcare decisions is assumed to increase satisfaction with healthcare and reduce decisional conflict. Children and adolescents also want their voice to be heard and to be actively involved in decisions. However, shared decision making (SDM) is more challenging in pediatrics, e.g. due to the triadic constellation and the child’s developmental status. To date, there is no overview on the evidence for the effectiveness of interventions to increase SDM and participation in pediatric healthcare. Therefore, we aimed to develop an evidence gap map (EGM) on this matter.

Methods First, a map framework was established based on a literature search and discussion with pediatric and SDM-experts. Next, a systematic literature search for completed and ongoing systematic reviews and primary effectiveness studies was conducted in Pubmed, PsycInfo, Web of Science, Cochrane Database, Campbell and Eppi-Centre. Additionally, citation tracking and a grey literature search were performed. By now, the screening process is ongoing: titles/abstracts and full texts are screened for eligibility independently by two reviewers. The included studies will be entered into the map framework.

Results The EGM will provide a graphic and written overview of topics with missing evidence, and the respective number and types of existing studies. The studies will be categorized according to interventions targeting health-care professionals (HCP), patients, decision situations, organizational and social context and according to the following outcome categories: decision specific, disease specific, patient skills, HCP skills and costs.

Discussion The importance of participation of children and adolescents in decision-making is well known, but evidence how to achieve this effectively is scarce. This map will provide insights into the evidence gaps in pediatric SDM interventions in order to guide further research.

Conclusion The EGM will provide the basis to systematically implement SDM interventions in pediatrics.

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