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096 Development of a shared digital decision aid for HPV vaccination in French general practice
  1. Dragos P Hagiu1,2,
  2. Serge Gilberg3,
  3. Henri Partouche3,
  4. Prevhpv Study Group,
  5. Sébastien Bruel1,2
  1. 1Department of General Practice, Faculté de médecine Jacques Lisfranc de Saint Etienne, Saint-Etienne, France
  2. 2Centre d’Investigation Clinique CIC-EC 1408, Saint-Etienne, France
  3. 3Department of General Practice, Université Paris Cité, Paris, France


Introduction The human papillomavirus (HPV) causes the most common sexually transmitted infection globally. Vaccination can prevent persistent infections of certain genotypes, linked to increased cancer risks, including cervical cancer. However, vaccine hesitancy affects decision-making. Decision aids are instruments that present information about a specific topic, explaining the pros and cons of a decision and clarifying patient values. Our objective is to describe how we developed a shared decision aid (SDA) for HPV vaccination in France.

Methods As recommended by the International Patient Decision Aids Standard (IPDAS) we realised a scoping, design (carrying out 2 focus groups with adolescents and a review of the literature), alpha test phase (carrying out 2 focus groups - one with adolescents, one with parents and 11 individual interviews with general practitioners) and beta test phase (12 individual interviews and online before-and-after knowledge and decisional conflict evaluation, currently ongoing). The tool was co-constructed with adolescents, parents and general practitioners.

Results We created an online SDA available on Based on a narrative review of the literature, the information included in the SDA is the definition of HPV, epidemiological data, disease transmission, cancer development, the Pap smear, vaccine efficacy and possible side effects. The focus groups and individual interviews enabled us to determine the values and expectations of patients and physicians. They also confirmed an existing need for this type of tool, patient and doctor side alike.

Discussion We have developed an online SDA for HPV vaccination dedicated to French primary care settings. It is currently under evaluation regarding patient decisional conflict and vaccination intention.

Conclusion(s) Amid France’s HPV vaccine hesitancy, our online SDA, tailored for the French context and currently under evaluation, is a key step towards improving shared decision-making in healthcare.

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