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115 A systematic review of shared decision-making training programs for general practitioners
  1. J Jaeken,
  2. C Billiouw,
  3. L Mertens,
  4. P Van Bostraeten,
  5. T Bekkering,
  6. M Vermandere,
  7. B Aertgeerts,
  8. L Van Mileghem,
  9. N Delvaux
  1. Academic Center for General Practice, KU Leuven, Kapucijnenvoer 7, 3000, Leuven, Belgium


Introduction Patient involvement in decision-making remains a priority feature of high-quality patient- centered care. Considering the foundation of trust between general practitioners (GPs) and patients and the variety of diseases in primary care, this context can be viewed as roots of SDM implementation. GPs are requesting communication training programs improve their SDM skills leading to a more patient-centered approach. The aim of this review is to provide an overview of current SDM training programs for GPs and to evaluate their effectiveness to inform future developers of SDM training programs.

Methods We conducted a systematic review using seven databases from December 2022–2023. Studies were divided according to training format. We connected these outcomes with the Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation Framework for healthcare provider trainings.

Results We found a broad variety of SDM trainings for GPs: online learning (n=10), live learning (n=17) and blended learning (n=2). Online learning has a high effect on decisional conflict. Blended trainings have a high impact for QOL, PROM and HCPROM. Live learning has a high effect on patient satisfaction and decisional regret.

Discussion We can conclude there is a slight preference for blended learning, however one should keep in mind we only found 2 studies with this training format.

Conclusion(s) Our review carefully tends towards a blended training program (regarding Kirkpatrick levels 3 and 4) above an online or live approach. Direct comparisons of different types of educational formats are needed in order to develop the most appropriate and effective SDM training format.

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