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137 Transferring knowledge on patient-centered care – experiences and evaluations from a workshop series in Chile
  1. Nadine Lages1,
  2. Isabelle Scholl1,
  3. Constanza Quezada2,
  4. Pola Hahlweg1,
  5. Stefan Zeh1,
  6. Angelina Dois3,
  7. Paulina Bravo4,
  8. Martin Härter1
  1. 1UKE – Germany
  2. 2PUC – Chile
  3. 3Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile – Chile
  4. 4Fundacion Arturo Lope Perez – Chile


Introduction Patient-centered care (PCC) is a key principle of high-quality health care. Chile has declared PCC as a fundamental pillar of its health care system. However, PCC implementation in the Chilean health care system still lags behind. In order to promote PCC, a series of workshops was held in Santiago de Chile that aimed to transfer knowledge on PCC and shared decision-making (SDM).

Methods Fifty-one participants (representatives of the Chilean Ministry of Health or clinicians in Chile) took part in this workshop series. It included four main topics: (1) concepts and practices of PCC and SDM, (2) clinician-patient communication, 3) assessment of PCC and SDM and 4) implementation and adoption of SDM. These workshops were evaluated via a questionnaire, including both closed and open- ended questions, analyzed by descriptive statistics and qualitative content analysis.

Results Overall, participants were satisfied with the workshop series (M = 3.8, SD = 0.37). They rated both PCC (M = 4.0, SD = 0.15) and SDM (M = 3.9, SD = 0.28) as relevant for their work, and were able to follow the presentations easily (M = 3.8, SD = 0.39). Analysis of the open questions revealed that participants particularly appreciated the implementation tools presented during the workshops. Participants suggested that didactic methods could be improved.

Discussion Exchanging thoughts and views on PCC and SDM with workshop participants has enriched the understanding of how to promote the implementation of PCC in Chile. By developing the key topics in close exchange with stakeholders, the workshops have been tailored to the needs and interests of the target group.

Conclusions Addressing stakeholders to give them hands-on ideas on how to put the legal PCC promotion framework into practice may pave the way to implement PCC and SDM more thoroughly and thus improve health care.

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