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Review: Antihypertensive drugs improve maternal outcomes in mild chronic and pregnancy-induced hypertension

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Magee LA, Ornstein MP, von Dadelszen P. Management of hypertension in pregnancy. BMJ. 1999 May 15;318:1332-6.


How effective are drug and nondrug therapies for chronic and pregnancy-induced hypertension for mothers and infants?

Data sources

Studies were identified by searching MEDLINE (1966 to 1997), Hypertension in Pregnancy (to 1997), and the bibliographies and text of relevant studies and review articles.

Study selection

English- and French-language randomized controlled trials were selected if they studied pregnant women with hyper- tension, evaluated either drug or non-drug (including bed rest and hospital admission) therapies, and assessed clinical outcomes.

Data extraction

Data were extracted in duplicate on study design, patient characteristics, definition of hypertension (chronic or pregnancy-induced), therapies, and outcomes (severe hypertension, additional anti-hypertensive treatment, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, maternal mortality, cesarean section, placental abruption, change of drug because of side effects, perinatal mortality, premature delivery, small size for gestational age, admission …

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