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Ovarian cancer screening was feasible but did not decrease incidence of index cancer or mortality

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Jacobs IJ, Skates SJ, MacDonald N, et al. Screening for ovarian cancer: a pilot randomised controlled trial. Lancet. 1999 Apr 10;353:1207-10.


In postmenopausal women, what is the feasibility and effectiveness of ovarian cancer screening?


Randomised (concealed), unblinded, controlled trial with 7-year follow-up.


United Kingdom.


Women who were 45 years of age and were postmenopausal. Exclusion criteria were history of bilateral oophorectomy or ovarian cancer. 22 000 women were invited to participate; 21 935 were randomised. All participants were traced through the National Health Service Central Register and the Family Health Services Authority.


Women were allocated to annual screening for ovarian cancer for 3 years (n = 10 958) or to follow-up with no screening (n = 10 977). Initial screening involved measuring serum CA 125 antigen. Women with CA 125 of 30 U/mL were recalled for …

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