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Palpable breast cysts were associated with an increased risk for breast cancer

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Dixon JM, McDonald C, Elton RA, Miller WR, for the Edinburgh Breast Group. Risk of breast cancer in women with palpable breast cysts: a prospective study. Lancet. 1999 May 22;353:1742-5.


Do women with palpable breast cysts have a greater risk for breast cancer? Is cyst type associated with risk for breast cancer?


Cohort study with median follow-up of 5 years for women who developed breast cancer and 10 years for women who did not.


Edinburgh Breast Unit, Scotland, United Kingdom.


Complete data were available for 1334 of 1374 women with palpable breast cysts (54% type I, 33% type II, and 13% mixture).

Assessment of risk factors

Type of cyst (Na+­K+ ratio < 3 for type I cysts and 3 for type II cysts), num ber of cysts, age, and length of time after cyst aspiration.

Main outcome measures

Incidence of breast cancer was assessed by …

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