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Up To Date
  1. Roman Jaeschke, MD
  1. McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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    UpToDate has 2 main goals: “to become the first place that clinicians, including students, will go when they need an answer to a specific clinical question”, and to make the information comprehensive, accurate, verifiable (well referenced), easy to access, and updated regularly. Its contents include all areas of internal medicine, but the dermatology, oncology, and neurology sections are still being developed. It is currently available on CD-ROM, with a Web version forthcoming.

    UpToDate is organised in the form of “cards” (>3900). For example, see the list of cards obtained by searching the term stroke (fig 1). An example of a card is given in the next screen shot (fig 2), which describes the use of thrombolytic therapy …

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