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Review: providing recordings or summaries of consultations may help patients with cancer

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 QUESTION: What is the effectiveness of providing recordings or summaries of consultations with practitioners to patients with cancer and their families?

Data sources

Studies were identified by searching 20 databases, checking bibliographies of relevant studies, and contacting experts in the field.

Study selection

Studies were selected if they were randomised or non-randomised controlled trials that assessed the provision of recordings (audiotapes or videotapes) or written summaries of practitioner consultations to patients with cancer and their families.

Data extraction

Data were extracted on the consultations, type of medium used, delivery of recording or summary, and interventions used. The outcomes were information access, use, and understanding; experience of health care (satisfaction, participation in subsequent consultations, complaints, and litigation); and health and wellbeing.

Main results

8 randomised controlled trials (>664 patients) were included. Heterogeneity among the studies …

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