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Evidence-Based Pediatrics
  1. Jim Buttery, MBBS,
  2. Bob Phillips, MA, BM, BCh, MRCPCH
  1. John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford, UK

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    To evaluate the relative merits of these 2 recent compendia of evidence-based information (Evidence-Based Paediatrics and Child Health [EBPCH] and Evidence-Based Pediatrics [EBP], we selected common cases from some of our recent days “on call.” Through the long, wet days and chilly nights, children with a range of conditions presented to the assessment unit. We saw a young mother and her infant concerned about breast feeding, a barking toddler with croup, stressed parents with their post-ictal son, a worryingly breathless lad whose asthma was worsening, and a febrile, well looking, grumpy 9 month old infant with no obvious focus of infection. Many questions arose from each of these cases, but we limited ourselves to 1 per child. We were interested in determining how these books would address the benefits and difficulties of breast feeding, the diagnosis of croup, the prognosis of febrile convulsions, the evidence for the use of aminophylline in asthma, and the benefit …

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