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Contamination of urine specimens did not differ with collection technique in women with acute dysuria

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 QUESTION: In women with acute dysuria, does contamination of urine specimens differ with collection technique (midstream, midstream plus vaginal tampon, or non-midstream with no cleansing)?


Randomised {allocation not concealed*}, blinded (outcome assessors),* controlled trial.


An outpatient clinic for students at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA.


242 consecutive women (mean age 21 y) who were mostly undergraduates and had symptoms suggestive of cystitis. Exclusion criteria were antibiotic use, use of urethral instrumentation in the previous 7 days, or known urological abnormality or nephrolithiasis. Follow up was complete.


84 women were allocated to midstream collection and were instructed to cleanse the perineum with a bactericidal wipe by wiping from front to rear; spread the labia; discard …

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