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A 2 factor model helped to rule out early stage necrotising fasciitis

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 QUESTION: How accurate is a 2 factor model in differentiating early stage necrotising fasciitis (NF) from other non-necrotising soft tissue infections (NNFs)?


The model was derived by using data from a previous case control study, and a retrospective cohort study was used to validate the model.


A university medical centre in Torrance, California, USA.


Data from 42 patients (mean age 39 y, 81% men, 50% with NF and 50% with NNF) were used for the derivation set. Data from 359 patients (mean age 44 y, 77% men, 9% with NF and 91% with NNF) admitted to hospital between April 1998 and March 1999 with a primary diagnosis of NF or NNF infection at discharge were used for the validation set. More patients with NF had a history of hepatitis (19% …

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