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Review: the cost-effectiveness of interventions for HIV/AIDS in Africa varies greatly

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 QUESTION: What is the cost effectiveness of HIV/AIDS interventions in Africa?

Data sources

Studies were identified by searching Medline, Popline, and EconLit (all from 1984–2000). Bibliographies of relevant articles were reviewed and experts in HIV/AIDS research contacted for unpublished studies.

Study selection

Studies were selected if they reported data for Africa, measured both cost and effectiveness, used standard methods for estimating costs and outcomes, included all major cost items, and allowed a generic measure of outcome (either HIV infections prevented or disability adjusted life years [DALYs] gained) to be calculated. Studies were excluded if the regimen was now out of date, drug prices had changed substantially, or the effectiveness of the intervention had been estimated before the results of clinical trials. Interventions not covered by the initial study selection criteria were included if some cost and effectiveness data existed or the drug costs were available. …

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