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Clinical Evidence Concise
  1. Gloria Rambaldini, MD
  1. University of Toronto
 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Statistics from

    Clinical Evidence Concise. London: BMJ Publishing Group, 2002.

    Now in its 7th issue, Clinical Evidence has undergone a rapid expansion in the past 3 years. Covering 158 clinical problems, this text serves as a resource for primary care clinicians to access the current best evidence supporting therapeutic interventions. To function as a “first point of call” for clinicians assessing treatment options, Clinical Evidence has devised a concise text version with an accompanying CD-ROM. Clinical Evidence Concise provides a summary of the most important information found in the full length version.

    The evidence in Clinical Evidence Concise is compiled using comprehensive search, retrieval, and appraisal protocols. Topics are selected using national databases of morbidity, mortality, and consultation …

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