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New Look for 2004

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You will notice several changes in our appearance in this issue. Firstly, the cover page has changed to note that our primary audience is primary care and internal medicine.

Secondly, to break up the text and make the texts more visually appealing and readable, we are adding different fonts, different shading, and icons. You might have noted the “100 faces” Figure (courtesy of Dr Chris Cates’s Visual Rx: in the September/October issue last year. We plan to continue and extend such visual representations. Thirdly, in this issue you’ll note a number of changes to the abstract. The study question is led by a blue “Q”. The Methods have changed from full sentences to an icon and point form. For example, the drawing for the design represents a randomised trial, but the same icon will be used for all designs and will not be redrawn for a cohort study. Similarly, the patient icon is a person in a hospital bed. We hope that the result is more visually stimulating and appealing, and will increase your reading speed and understanding of the content!

Finally, to provide a more varied reading diet, we have also changed the mix of content. A few of the previous abstracts have been replaced by more general material, including a regular practice corner and a general editorial that will highlight particular features or issues relevant to the journal or to EBM more generally. This issue, we’d like to let you know a little more about the enhanced features of the online version. Happy reading/browsing!