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Farewell to Hui Lee

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    The editors and staff of Evidence-Based Medicine mourn the tragic death of Hui Lee, one of our associate editors. Hiu was a 39 year old general internist working in Sault Ste Marie, a community of about 80 000 people on the Canadian shores of Lake Superior and over 400 miles away from the nearest medical school. One could imagine a busy and fulfilling clinical practice in such a setting, and Hui certainly had that. But he had much more. He completed a masters degree in the Health Research Methodology programme at McMaster University and took his research skills with him, designing and leading many projects in health services research and clinical trials, and collaborating in many others. He caught the evidence-based medicine bug while at McMaster and carried this with him everywhere, in his own practice, in his local teaching, through the Canadian Society for Internal Medicine (where he seemed destined to become president), and in his travels. He was awarded the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario 2002 Council Award, recognising physicians who come closest to meeting the society’s vision of an “ideal” physician.

    Hui was a dedicated family man—husband to Anne and father to Brian, Steven, and Erin— and an athlete. He died following the Ontario Provincial Masters Swimming Championship, where he came second to a competitor who set a new record. He burned brightly and we all celebrate his remarkable life, while regretting that it ended so quickly. Farewell to Hui Lee.

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