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The evidence base for diabetes care
  1. Andrew Farmer, DM, FRCGP
  1. University of Oxford
 Oxford, UK

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    Williams R, Herman W, Kinmonth A-L, Wareham NJ. The evidence base for diabetes care. Chichester, UK: Wiley, 2002.

    At nearly 800 pages, this book provides a readable text and a detailed explanation of the scientific underpinning of current diabetes research and management. The book is edited by a transatlantic team and individual chapters are authored by leading researchers. The book contains reviews of the evidence for prevention, diagnosis, and management of diabetes and its complications. Scientific and clinical perspectives are combined to point the way for future progress. The strengths lie in its academic rather than clinical focus, which provides a basis for understanding rather than a set of clinical guidelines or a textbook of how to care for people with diabetes.

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