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The following articles are abstracted in the Nov/Dec 2004 issue of ACP Journal Club. The declarative title of each abstract as published in ACP Journal Club precedes the article citation.


▸ Review: Lactulose or lactitol may improve hepatic encephalopathy but may be less effective than antibiotics

▸ Review: Antileukotriene agents at licensed doses plus inhaled corticosteroids do not reduce asthma exacerbations more than inhaled corticosteroids alone

▸ Review: Lipid-lowering agents reduce cardiovascular events in type 2 diabetes

▸ Cardiac resynchronization therapy reduced all-cause death and hospitalization in chronic heart failure

▸ A prophylactic cardioverter-defibrillator prevented sudden death from arrhythmia in nonischemic cardiomyopathy

▸ Fondaparinux was as effective as (noninferior to) enoxaparin in acute symptomatic deep venous thrombosis

▸ Adding aspirin to clopidogrel increased bleeding without reducing recurrent ischemic vascular events in high-risk patients

▸ Perioperative use of atorvastatin reduced cardiovascular events in patients having vascular surgery

▸ Noninvasive positive-pressure ventilation increased risk for death in respiratory failure after extubation

▸ Intensive management reduced disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis

▸ Exercise training reduced ischemic events more than percutaneous coronary intervention in stable coronary artery disease

Helicobacter pylori eradication had no effect on heartburn or gastro-esophageal reflux in H pylori infection

▸ Cardiac outcomes occurred more frequently with PCI than CABG or medical therapy in coronary artery disease

▸ Training informal caregivers of patients with stroke improved patient and caregiver quality of life and reduced costs

▸ Combination disease-modifying antirheumatic drug therapy reduced work disability in early rheumatoid arthritis


▸ A low or high ankle brachial index increased the risk for all-cause mortality in Native Americans


▸ The recalibration of the Framingham functions to the Chinese population improved coronary heart disease risk estimates